Blog Beast, known by many other names like Empower Network Viral Blogging System 2.0 and ENV2, is Empower Network’s next generation blogging system.

This isn’t your average run of the mill blogging software either. Both David Sharpe and David Wood have made it clear that it was meant to compete with some of the other top blogging platforms out there like WordPress and Tumblr.



Millions of dollars (3 million to be exact) have been invested into the blogging platform and it has taken over a year to develop.

For someone not familiar with software development this might be a number that is hard to comprehend, but creating a blogging system to rival even just the likes of WordPress that has existed since 2003 in only 1 year takes incredible manpower.

And as you will soon learn Blog Beast doesn’t just stop at being a blogging platform, it is much more, including a mobile application for your smartphone. Heck it will even make you breakfast and take your kids to school (kidding of course).

So what is Blog Beast really?

Blog Beast Overview

I am glad you asked. It’s time to turn beast mode on and get our hands dirty as we dive into the belly of the beast (pun intended).

Beast Mode On

Blog Beast is Empower Network’s tailor made blogging platform. Unlike Empower Network’s original blogging platform that was based upon WordPress, Blog Beast was designed from the ground up to do things WordPress just isn’t capable of doing.

There were a lot of issues with Empower Network’s original blogging system. With these two problems being the biggest:

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How Does Empower Network Work… Like A Treasure Map Guaranteed To Deliver Gold…

If you are wondering how Empower Network Works, then you are in luck!

You are about to learn how EN can be your treasure map to gold!
“Treasure map to gold you say!?”

Indeed I do, but allow me to elaborate…

For myself Empower Network has indeed been my treasure map to gold, it finally allowed me to see the success I always knew I was capable of online.

As just like a pirate searching for gold, I was putting in the effort, but I just couldn’t find my treasure because I lacked a map… in other words a means to get there.

That is until I discovered Empower Network, a system designed to take everyday people from zero to hero by starting their own business online.

Empower Network guided me on where I needed to be, what I needed to be doing and with a little help from my team I finally struck gold. Seriously… check it out for yourself:

I am not alone either, as some of the most notorious internet marketers (Russell Brunson, Chris Campbell), consider Empower Network to be their “treasure map” of sorts. And the best part is it can be yours as well…

With that said lets actually get into what you came here for. You want to know how Empower Network Works right?

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ENV2 Blogging Platform… Time To Make The Entire Bloggingsphere Shout “Ugh! Ugh! Na-na-na-na!”

ENV2 is the sleek name for Empower Network Version 2.0, which is the second generation of Empower Network’s blogging platform.

The ENV2 blogging platform is a beast that has been unleashed!

And I do mean “the beast.” For real, that is what it is called; BlogBeast to be exact.



What is the ENV2 blogging platform

Although BlogBeast is technically a blogging platform, I see it more as a central mobile blogging command center.

Pretty big name, huh?

Well, with BlogBeast, you will be able to manage multiple blogs from one platform, and oh by the way, that platform will be sitting right in your front pocket.

This 2-click easy to use blogging system comes with a full functioning mobile app, which means everything you can do from your computer can also be done right from your smartphone.

Evidently we have moved from a laptop society to a mobile society. I guess I will agree with that, although I would still be lost without my laptop.

BlogBeast is going to be perfect for multi-taskers (I don’t think that is a word, but we’ll go with it) and marketers that are always on the go.

Whether you see this as a good or a bad thing, your business will available to you whenever and wherever you are.

I don’t think my wife is going to fall in love with that idea, but that’s just her.

How many times have you been out and about, had a huge revelation, wanted to share it with the world, but had to wait; hoping you’ll still be able to recall it when you get home? That doesn’t ever have to happen again.

Imagine this. You are out on a walk and you come up with a great strategy or an inspirational thought that you want to share with your readers. You’ll pull out your phone, shoot a video or record an audio, post it to your blog, and have it live within a matter of minutes. By the time you’re home, you’re done.

Or, let’s say you’re out enjoying an evening on the town and you notice a blog post that came through your BlogBeast news feed that you would love to share with your audience.

Within a few seconds you can re-post that person’s post to your blog, the system will automatically give credit to the original author, and your friends will think you just sent a simple text message. Little will they know, you just did something that used to take 20-30 minutes in less than a minute.

Are you starting to see the convenience factor here? Do you see how much more you could get done in a shorter period of time?

That either means you will have more spare time to do what you do, or more time to work on your business.

Hey, you could start another blog. Now that you have more time on your hands and you have a system that allows you to manage multiple blogs, it might be time to sell a new product or market to a new audience.

Remember I mentioned something about a news feed? Check this out.

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Big Idea Mastermind… Internet Marketing Success On Steroids…

Let’s cut straight to the chase.

According to statistics furnished by the Direct Selling Association (polices the affiliate marketing industry), 99% of all marketers FAIL and only 1% SUCCEED.

The truth may piss you off at first, but within is the KEY to achieving your dreams.

Fact is, that most marketers claiming financial freedom are pitching the dream while living the nightmare.

But with the wall of the internet separating honesty from lies, how does one cut through all of the smoke?!

Third party documented results.

I’m not preaching about screenshots of paychecks or bank accounts.

Any computer whiz can doctor any image to look original.

I’m talking about documented results from a third party.

So when I lay claim that Vick Strizheus is one of the most successful internet marketers on the planet, please believe I’m not delivering you my opinion.

I’m stating the FACTS.

And unlike the majority of affiliate marketing opportunities, where business success is determined solely by individual sales.

Empower Network’s compensation plan rewards marketers who build sales teams that produce results.

The more money one’s organization brings into the company, the more each marketer is rewarded.

Vick is the #1 income earner in Empower Network not only as a result of his own efforts.

But more importantly, because he is able to teach his team how to effectively and efficiently achieve similar results.

And here’s the best part- they do! The results prove it.

Vick’s squad- Big Idea Mastermind.

His mission- Results.

So without further ado, let’s the method behind the madness and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how BIM can help you achieve your business and financial goals.

Big Idea Mastermind

So what exactly is this well oiled machine anyways?

Get ready for the ride of your life.

Big Idea Mastermind is an automated marketing system specifically designed and created to help any marketer (newbie to advanced).

To establish a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60.

Look, it may sound like more hype than a high school pep rally, but the proof is in the pudding (aka documented results).

Do some fail?!

Is Chuck Norris the baddest dude on the planet?

Hell yes!

In fact, in the spirit of keeping it 100% real, the majority do fail.

However, and this is they KEY to success and failure, the blueprint is NOT the reason why people fall flat on their face.

Nope. The blueprint works. Vick proves it, and so do the success stories on his team.

Here’s the kicker. You have to take action.

Oh no he didn’t.

No matter how you slice it, the majority of marketers will not get off their ass and take action.

Even if they made a huge investment.

So what’s the lesson learned- TAKE ACTION. Enough said.

Back to the program.

As I said earlier, whether you’re a virgin to internet marketing, or if you’re an online marketing slut (hitched your wagon to many opportunities).

This program lays out in a step-by-step fashion how to earn a minimum of $5k per month.

If you can follow directions, you’re gold. If you like to march to the beat of you’re own drum- kiss your profits goodbye.

What’s the business plan? Only the most up-to-date strategies and tools to generate leads and traffic.

No traffic = no sales. It’s the lifeblood of any online marketing business.

And there’s a major twist. Not only is BIM the end all be all in internet marketing… it’s an affiliate marketing program in it’s own right.

Lemme’ explain.

But before I do, let me set the scene for you.

Vick Strizheus is an online traffic generating machine.

Millions of people hit the internet every day as a tool to discover information.

Vick happens to be a master in positioning himself in front of these seekers.

Within online marketing circles, he is regarded as the “King of Traffic.”

While Big Idea Mastermind is his baby, it’s not his first child.

That award goes to his first love- High Traffic Academy.

This is where all marketers need to attend to get a Harvard PHD education in the field of online lead and traffic generation.

Whatever business opportunity you represented, you now had the knowledge to flood it with prospects requesting more information.

But there was a large chunk of students who were experiencing a problem.

They now knew how to succeed in any opportunity, so the days of grinding away at a J-O-B was now non existent.

However, the compensation plans of most opportunities were stuck in the old school.

I’m singing to the tune of 5%-10% of sales.

Excuse my French, but that’s shitty.

Why drive a Ferrari and fill your tank up with regular gasoline?! Makes zero sense.

Vick’s student’s cried out for help, so he stepped up to the plate and delivered.

As a result of their pain, Big Idea Mastermind was born.

The game plan was simple- take 600 students of his High Traffic Academy, and work with them 1-on-1 to build a $5000 per month income.

Word got out, and his students bum rushed Vick to open the door to them.

He opened his doors to about 900 members.

Lift off was December 20, 2012. He ran with them a test campaign to drive traffic to an offer he created.

Over the next 17 days (Dec. 21 – Jan. 6), this campaign raked in $510,544.00.

Then it tapered out to an average of $22,000 per day with an over 53% conversion ratio.

When it was all said and done, this test campaign produced over $700k within 30 days. Mission complete!

Now that you have the 411 on the Big Idea Mastermind, let’s look at the benefits and features you will receive at each of the 5 levels.

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